Teacher’s Day Special – Belief Systems Change Thoughts and Hence Destiny


Mr. S. Kumar

Public Speaker

Belief systems change thoughts and hence destiny.Let us follow an anecdote to verify the above. There is an elephant in circus who is there in captivity . If we look carefully then we find that out of its four legs only one leg is being fettered up with a fragile iron chain . Now the question arises that why this robust elephant, the animal who is known for his strength and physical power in this world , not able to unshackle himself from this slanderous iron chain .Let us discover the answer for this question. When the elephant was brought in the Circus, couple of years ago, he was a baby elephant and at that time when he was tied up , he tried his level best for n number of times but he failed as he was too young to break the chain to set himself free and hence gradually he developed a belief system that he can never break this chain. Now today this is his belief system only that deters the elephant to break the chain.

One day a Saint came to the Circus he took pity on the miserable condition of elephant .He decided to set him free ,for the purpose, what he did he brought one more elephant from forests and tied this new one just adjacent to our circus elephant in the same fashion . Late at night what happened , this new elephant simply gave a jerk and set himself free and went off. Now the belief system of our elephant changed. He thought that if this similar elephant can break it then why can’t I. This new belief system emerged the thought that yes, I can also break the chain, and after that he just simply gave a gentle jerk  and hence set himself free .

So in this way we see that belief systems  change thoughts and hence destiny.
Same applies to us also in our day to day life. 

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