Key to Happiness

Author – S. Kumar

Public Speaker

When do I become happy?

Actually to become happy, is a process which involves the following steps.

Step 1 To please the fellow human beings.

Step 2 Get approvals from these fellow human beings.

Step 3 As soon as step 2 is accomplished, I become happy.

Now in this entire process,  actually  what is going on is that in order to achieve step 3 that is to become happy, it is compulsory for me to fulfill step 1,  that is to please all my fellow human beings at least by words . Now in doing so intrinsically what  I am doing is that whatever I am thinking, I am not speaking the same and when I do so then in fact  I am assassinating my inner voice or in other words we can say that I am slaughtering the power of my inner conscious or of my inner soul.

When I introspect myself, I find that such practice I am following daily or rather I must say that such practice I am following for ‘n’ number of times in a day. The ramifications of the same are that gradually I am losing my inner power.

Under this state when I get confronted with any external problem or unfavorable situation then , since I have already lost my inner power, I find myself helpless to face the challenge and hence I become unstable or sometimes get collapsed.

In order to face or resolve each and every crisis situation of our life in a successful manner, what all is required is that we have to enhance our inner strength to a considerable extent. This can be only done when I am honest to myself. So first of all be honest to ourself and hence forth in all our endeavours. Wish u a very happy new year!

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