God is with us


Many a times, I have heard from today’s generation that since we cannot perceive God through our sense organs, therefore we don’t believe in the existence of God. Above is said in the context that :

we cannot smell God

we cannot hear God

we cannot see God

 we cannot touch God

 therefore from ‘scientific approach of enquiry’ there is no question to believe in the existence of God and hence,God is something imaginary, not real.

In this backdrop I would like to put forward the following:

There is a concept called –  SYMBIOTIC FACTORY .In fact,  this is a system which is being composed of two factories say factory A and factory B. Now what happens, in this system, the entire waste product of the first factory A  is being totally used as the raw material for factory B,  likewise the entire waste product of factory B is being used as the raw material for factory A.From Ecological point of view this concept is brilliant , from financial point of view this concept is extraordinary. Unfortunately, till date it is still a concept and could not be materialized. Now let’s look out in nature wherein there are ‘n’ number of examples of such factories.

Let us mention one of such factories .We all are well acquainted of the two processes – Photosynthesis and Respiration. Here the entire waste product, carbon dioxide of first factory say respiration,  is being completely used by factory B as its raw material. Similarly the entire waste product – oxygen,  of factory B, viz. Photosynthesis, it is being totally used by factory A – Respiration.

 This is not created by any of the scientist from the world . So who has created it ???

The answer is simply – God.

So believe in God get power from him and use this power to achieve whatever you want in life


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