Viva Questions [Business Studies]

Suggestive Viva Questions for Business Studies Practical 
Grade & Board- XII & C.B.S.E.
Subject & Subject Code - Business Studies(054)
Session- 2019-20 

                                                      Topic – Marketing Management

Note- Answers to the following questions and questions relating to the chapter may be 
found upon the registration and the requisite license.
You should however try answering these questions on your own to develop better 
understanding of your project. 
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  1. Which topic did you choose for your project?
  2. What are the objectives of your project work? What analysis you have made for reaching the same? Explain.
  3. Which product/service did you choose and why?
  4. Did you make any market research for the product? If so what are your findings?
  5. Name the other existing brands you selected in the context of your product?
  6. What is the market share of competitors’ product?
  7. What is the USP for your product/service?
  8. What is the USP of your competitors?
  9. How will you introduce your product to the market? Name the media of advertisement.
  10. How will you use social media for advertising your product?
  11. How will you manage negative feedback for your product on social media?
  12. Did you require any permission or license from any government agency to launch your product?
  13. Does your product have any range of prices? Give details with their respective sizes.
  14. What brand name have you decided on your product and why?
  15. In what respect your brand name is unique and what does it suggest about your product?
  16. What is the tagline of your product?
  17. Does your product need any packaging? If yes, What are your considerations regarding product packaging?
  18. What important things you will consider while developing the label for your product?
  19. What is the difference between copyright and patent?
  20. What is the difference between brand and logo?
  21. What is the difference between trademark and service mark?
  22. What numbers of channels of distribution you are going to use for your product? Why?
  23. What social values you have kept in consideration while choosing/marketing your product?

You are invited to suggest questions which you feel like to be there.

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Topic- Principles of Management

Topic – Stock Exchange

  1. Why have you selected ‘Stock Exchange’ as your project?
  2. How does stock Exchange provide liquidity and marketability to existing securities?
  3. How stocks are priced on the stock exchange?
  4. What is equity cult?
  5. What is the trading procedure on a stock exchange?
  6. What is screen based trading system?
  7. What is the dematerialization of securities?
  8. What do you understand by Depository?
  9. What is Sensex and nifty?
  10. What do you understand by Market Indices?
  11. What is OTCEI
  12. How does SEBI What is the purpose and role of SEBI?
  13. What is Demat A/c?
  14. Who are depository participants?
  15. Name the document issued within 24 hours of execution of trading order.
  16. What is Pay-in –day?
  17. What is Pay-out-day?
  18. What is T+2 day?
  19. Who is the chairman of SEBI?
  20. What are the trading timings and days?
  21. What is Bear Market?
  22. What do you understand by Badla?
  23. What are Blue Chips?
  24. What is Bull Market?
  25. What is Base Price?
  26. Types of Stock Exchanges in India
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Topic – Child Labour

  1. Why have you selected ‘Child Labour’ as your project?
  2. What is Child Labour?
  3. When does children’s’ work become child labour?
  4. How does Child Labour effect our society?
  5. Where is it a problem?
  6. According to you, what problems do children suffering from Child Labour face?
  7. What is the main reason why children drop out of education and go to work?
  8. What are the main reasons for employing children?
  9. Why does it exist? What are the causes of child labour?
  10. Why do parents send their children to work?
  11. Why do employers prefer to employ children?
  12. What are the forms of child labour?
  13. In which sector of the economy does it exist?
  14. What population of children involved in child labour?
  15. What is the ILO doing to combat child labour?
  16. Who else is involved in efforts to combat child labour?
  17. Is child labour justified in some situations?
  18. What elements of child labour are we attempting to protect when we regulate child labour?
  19. How do the rights of a child differ from general human rights?
  20. What standards of age and employment should be used to regulate child labour??
  21. The reading on child labour emphasizes local complexities. What specific regional factors should be considered while creating child labour policies?
  22. What can be done about Child Labour ?
  23. Why is education more important for children?

You are invited to suggest more questions.

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Presentation and Submission of Project Report

At the end of the stipulated term, each student will prepare and submit his/her project report.

Following essentials are required to be fulfilled for its preparation and submission.

The total length of the project will be of 25 to 30 pages.

The project should be handwritten.

The project should be presented in a neat folder.

The project report should be developed in the following sequence-

  • The cover page should include the title of the Project, student information, school and year.
  • List of contents.
  • Acknowledgments and preface (acknowledging the institution, the places visited and the persons who have helped).
  • Introduction.
  • Topic with a suitable heading.
  • Planning and activities are done during the project if any.
  • Observations and findings of the visit.
  • Conclusions (summarized suggestions or findings, future scope of study).
  • Photographs (if any).
  • Appendix
  • Teacher’s observation.
  • Signatures of the teachers.
  • At the completion of the evaluation of the project, it should be punched in the center so that the report may not be reused but is available for reference only.
  • The projects will be returned after evaluation. The school may keep the best projects.

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