March 31, 2015


  1. How can I register myself because I have started with the PART – B : Analysis of Financial Statements, first?

    We will proceed as per the curriculum guidelines of CBSE.
  2. How can I become a part of Learners Space Solutions?

    You can join us at three levels Viz.

    • School Level
    • Student Level
    • Parent Level
  3. What is the Membership Fee?

    For School Level Rs. 1000/- per Student
    For Student Level Rs 1200/- per Student
    For Parent Level Rs. 1200/- per child
  4. Do I need to pay membership fee for all the subject separately?

    Membership fee is not to be paid separately for each subject. Once you become member you have access to all our updates during the year e.g.

    • Test Series
    • Revision Series
    • Olympiads
    •  Step- by Step Guidelines for Accountancy and Business Studies Project Work. etc
  5. How will I have access to Assignment Section?

    Assignment Section opens up automatically on the completion of Daily Live Homework Section.
  6. How can I have access to Test? Do I have to pay for it separately?

    You don’t have to pay anything extra for it. What is required is to be regular with your Assignment Section. It opens up automatically after successful completion of your assignments.
  7. Do I have access to Daily Live Commerce Homework and Assignment Sections which I missed due to late joining?

    Your one month’s 100 percent attendance makes you eligible for it.
  8. How to pay Membership Fees?

    Please login to your account and select Purchase->License from the menu or you can also click Purchase