May 10, 2015


Learners Space Solutions welcome you to its unique online educational services. It is worth mentioning that we have been closely working with the child’s development programme for over a decade’s time. So we truly understand what concerns a parent most?

Learners Space Solutions takes immense pleasure to proudly announce that it has created a platform for tomorrow’s leaders. Learners Space Solutions through this platform provide a wide range of educational services right from daily live commerce homework in the subject Accountancy & Business Studies for class XI and XII level.

Learners Space Solutions through the first of its kind concept of Daily Live Commerce Homework, cultivate the habit of work completion among the learners by allowing them access to the subsequent assignment section only on the completion of the former. The successful completion of the assignment section gives access to test section.

Learners Space Solutions gives its parent the comprehensive feedback and report of the child’s performance into their personal email as well as on the parent’s login area in the website itself.

Learners Space Solutions also provides its specialized services to the parent to choose the best career for their wards along with the opportunities to accommodate the learners into our own business group and allied business partners.

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