May 10, 2015


Learners Space Solutions understands the gravity of the job of the school dealing with young minds of 21st century.Commerce curriculum, characterized by inevitable changes be it in terms of course content, teaching methodology or examination pattern, poses invariable challenges to take on.

Learners Space Solutions help schools in India to assume wider responsibility towards different stakeholders and prepare today’s learners, leaders of tomorrow.

Learners Space Solutions helps teaching fraternity through wide range of services some worth mentioning are:

    1. Quick Updates: Learners Space Solutions update you with all the concerned information.
    2. Empowering Teaching Fraternity and School.
      1. By developing, designing and administering the daily homework, assignments and tests, learners Space Solutions provide your students wider platform for appraising their true position in a larger group.
      2. Flawless Feedback and Quick Reporting of the progress of each child on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis, to school, parents, ensures undivided attention of a child resulting in brilliant score in boards’ examination.
      3. Conducts seminars, symposium, essay writing competition for topics like “Economic Reforms Redefined” etc.