May 10, 2015


Learners Space Solutions welcome the self-motivated leaders of 21st century for having made a smart choice of commerce education at school level. It is now an established fact that India has witnessed a paradigm shift where commerce students have surpassed everyone in the today’s fast moving economy.

Keeping pace with the fast moving changes from course content to the pattern of examination, we proudly bring you the first of its kind concept of daily live commerce homework backed by assignments and test in perfect match with classroom teaching of your respective school.

Daily Live Commerce Homework portal generates questions on daily basis, crafted and ordered so scientifically that it enhances the concept and reinforces your class room learning. It furthers you then to the next level into Assignment Section. This section helps you develop accuracy and timely completion of the questions. On successful completion of the Assignment Section learner automatically gets permission to take test.

This whole exercise concludes with your report card, detailing your score and performance in various domains suggested by CBSE e.g. Remembering, Understanding, Application, Higher Order Thinking Skills and Evaluation and Multi-Disciplinary.